Selling With Luxury X-Change

At Luxury X-Change we pride ourselves on our seller experience with excellent customer service and profitability. When you sell your luxury goods with our group of experts you're guaranteed an easy and satisfying experience.

How It Works

A white glove delivery service will meet with the client in person. They will take a picture, authenticate the credit card information and get a copy of the ID. The item will be picked up within 24-48 hours to be authenticated, once authenticated –  the client will receive pricing on the item with the options of selling or consignment.

The Philosophy Is: Make Money While You Sleep

Having high fashion items in your closet can earn you easy and quick money. If there’s a piece sitting in your closet, why not put it to work! After releasing your item to our expert, we take care of the rest! Dry cleaning, authentication, professional pictures, and finally listing. This service is a perfect opportunity to give your unused garments life while making money on the side with no extra work on your end. Our company takes care of your garments by making sure they’re all insured.


The Buying & Renting Process

At Luxury X-Change you’re able to rent or buy the latest and best pieces from global luxury brands. All of our items are in pristine condition and authenticated by our experts to make sure you have a reliable and safe buying and renting process. After selecting your specialty items and filling out the form, a white glove delivery service will arrive at your home or work, whichever is more convenient. After this you’re ready to go!

Our VIP Loyalty Program

Keeping the Fashion Community together is our goal and by creating a VIP Program we can reach that goal. For each rental or selling service you use you will get loyalty points. With these loyalty points,  you can purchase certain perks!

*50 Points will allow you a free rental.

*100 Points will allow you free drinks and dinner at a restaurant worthy of a fashionable individual.

*500 Points will get you a free weekend get-away!